CDMA Worskhop & Aircraft Gallery - South Africa, Mpumalanga
Centro De Manutencao Aeronautica CDMA at KMI Airport Servicing of Broken Planes in South Africa
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Aircraft Workshop in Mpumalanga - Servicing on Emraer Aeroplanes

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Gallery CDMA Centro De Manutenção Aeronáutica | Nelspruit Aeoplane Repairs Workshop | Mpumalanga Aircraft Services | South African Aviation




Below is a photo gallery of a few of the many projects CDMA has worked on over the years. Maintaining & Repairing Aircrafts.



CDMA Centro De Manutenção Aeronáutica based in Mpumalanga South Africa photo Gallery of all their Aircraft maintaining, repairing, engineering services & projects at KMIA (Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport) Nelspruit/White River Mpumalanga


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CDMA Aircraft Maintenance in South Africa
Brazillian business owner Rinaldo De Souza - CDMA Centro De Manutencao Aeronautica South Africa